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A guide to being the best blogger you can be! 

This is my first post of 2015, so I'm going to take this opportunity to say Happy New Year to all of you! I hope this year is a good and successful one for all of us :)

I've had my blog since 2013 and I have found it hard to really build my audience and to understand my niche. However, it is only recently, within the last month that my blog following has increased dramatically (for me) and I am going to tell you how I made that happen!

  • The most important thing about blogging is finding your niche!

You need to choose a topic/genre to blog about which will help you find your niche. Make your blog posts more specific, so in my case I have chosen beauty, fashion and lifestyle. Try not to be too general... stay focused on specific content and this will naturally attract your niche. If they like one of your posts, then it's more likely that they're going to be interested in all of your other posts, but this only works if you stay specific and within your chosen topic/s. 

  • Write about things you love!

There is no point having a blog if you're just going to write about anything and not have a true passion for your content. Readers can really tell if you are passionate about something or if you are just writing it for that sake of content. 

  • Marketing/promoting your blog!

You need to be able to market your blog correctly in order for your audience to expand. This will not happen over night and you have to put in A LOT of effort to really gain a large audience. I've found that commenting on other peoples blog posts has really helped me, but make sure you're not the annoying spammer! No one likes them! Make sure that when you comment, you have actually read their blog post and you think that your blog would be of interest to them! For example; if I had read a blog post about lipstick, I could comment saying: "I really love this post! The ...Lipstick is so nice.... You might be interested in my blog post about ...Lipstick. (Enter link) Sophie xxx"

I have also found social media a great way to promote your blog! Twitter and Bloglovin' especially! I have had a twitter page for my blog, for a month now and I have managed to gain nearly 460 followers... which has helped my blog following soooo much! I am able to promote my blog posts, talk to other bloggers and share my views. My blog used to get around 20+ page views a day, now I get around 200+ a day... and that's all thanks to social media! I also connected my Bloglovin account to my twitter so I can automatically tweet things from my Bloglovin account, which helps build your audience across both platforms. 

  • Encourage interaction! 
This is similar to the promoting of your blog, however this can be more direct. Interact with other bloggers similar to you. You'll be able to get advice off of them and to help promote each others blogs! You can also encourage people to comment on your blog posts, favourite tweets, give you feedback... the list goes on! Use existing platforms to your advantage!

  • Don't worry about negativity!
Luckily, I haven't received any negativity on my blog and fingers crossed I never have to, but if you do, use that negativity as a motivation tool to prove them wrong! Or use it as constructive criticism. The people who post negative things about your or your blog are just jealous of what you have achieved by yourself with no help! 

  • Post regularly, have a schedule!

Try to post as often as possible. I used to only post a few times every month, but now I have gotten into the habit of posting at least once a week. But make sure you do not make it a chore for yourself because that is when you are going to lose interest and it will not feel like a hobby any more! 

  • Read/follow other blogs!
This is probably the easiest thing to do. I have found that reading other blogs has helped me understand the type of content I need to add to my blog and it has also inspired me to write certain posts. It's like when you listen to a song so many times that you learn the lyrics... blogging is exactly the same! Once you begin to read more and more blogs, you will understand the way in which you have to 'speak' on your blog and what sort of vocabulary to use, in order for it to be appealing to your niche audience. 

  • Have a unique design, fit for the genre of your blog! 
I have only recently worked out how to properly edit the existing html/codes and templates on blogger, with the help of existing blogs and YouTube tutorials. Spend some time creating your blog layout and design. Use websites like, to create headers, blog buttons and other gadgets to add on your blog! This is an easy way to set up a brand image for yourself and for people to immediately recognise you and your blog!

These are just a few ways in which, I personally think will help you and your blog! 

If you have any questions, comment below, I would love to help!

Share your blogging tips below! :) 


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