Beauty Blogger Awards 2015

I was lucky enough to get invited to the Beauty Blogger Awards on Sunday 4th October at the Pillar Hall, Olympia! I have been invited to a few blogger events in the past but most have been quite hard to get to or I have been busy on the days  :( So I was extremely excited to go to this one and see what I had been missing all these times! 
I decided to take my friend Kate/Katie (whatever her name is) as she is also a make up lover like myself and I know that she's very into blogging/ she reads my blog a lot so I thought this would be a nice way of saying thank you for being so supportive of it! We set the alarm for 5:45am so we could aim to get up and ready by 8. (Of course we didn't actually get up at this time) ... we managed to drag ourselves out of bed at 6:30am which gave us a couple of hours to get ready :') 
By 8am we were ready to go... But no, I was still not happy with the way I looked and going to a beauty blogger event put the pressure on! In the car I was constantly moaning about my hair... and for basically the rest of the day hahaha! (and yes snapchat needed to know that) 
After jumping on and off different tubes with our Starbucks we eventually got there! It was across the road from the station which was great because knowing us, we would've gotten lost! The main event was the Olympia Beauty exhibition which was open to the public, with endless amounts of stalls where companies promoted and sold their products! In a separate room was the exclusive Beauty Blogger Awards, with a live stage and a few stalls as well as a free goody bag with products worth up £250. 
My favourite stall in this room had to be the NYX one! I had heard about NYX products but never been lucky enough to buy any of their products so I was eager to see what they were all like! We went in the photobooth a couple of times and shared it on social media, by sharing it we got given goody bags each filled with Nyx products! It was like heaven in a bag! 
We went from the little room exclusively for the Beauty Blogger awards, to the main exhibition a few times throughout the day and yes I did cave in and buy myself a few little treats ;) I have been looking for a contour stick for AGES and the only one I could find in shops was the Clinique one, which is wayyyy over my budget, so I was so excited to see the WonderStick by Nyx cosmetics. It was only £9 with contour on one side and highlight (not shimmery) on the other side... I can already tell that this is going to be my new favourite item in my makeup collection! I also got a tapered crease eyeshadow brush and an angled eyebrow brush from crown which came to around £7, which I thought was an absolute bargain, as well as a China Glaze nail varnish for my sister! 
After a day of looking around the exhibition, trying out what felt like millions of products and listening to a few talks on the live stage at the Beauty Blogger awards, it was finally time for the actual awards! I can't remember the names of the bloggers who won the awards, but what I do know is that they all deserve them! Blogging/vlogging is not easy at all and it can literally take over your life (which you can argue is good and bad)... you could tell how much the awards mean to these bloggers and it made me so happy to be part of this lovely community! 
After a long but amazing day, it was finally time to go home! I was so excited to get home and show my family all of the complementary makeup I had been given and to try it all out! 

Thank you so much to the organisers and sponsors who invited me to the Beauty Blogger Awards 2015! It made me so excited for more blogger events in the future... If you haven't been to a blogger event before and like the look of this one, I highly recommend you go! It's a chance to meet fellow bloggers and to get a few tips and tricks about blogging... it's also a great day out for everyone and shouldn't be missed :)

Did you go to the Olympia beauty or the Beauty Blogger Awards? What was your favourite part about the event? Leave some comments below :)


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